Matt Chapman came into my life at just the right time. His teaching style embodied a true sense of the word “Play” and he reinvigorated my approach to acting with a keyword:  Delight. I would recommend we clone him so that he can teach the whole world.Erica Fladeland
Matt challenged me and I hated him for that. But then I accepted the challenge, and I loved him for that.Gentry Roth
Matt teaches craft and technique dosed with so much fun you forget you’re learning.Billy Higgins
Matt really influenced a lot of us to understand what it truly meant to release not only our creative side, but our analytical side in the discovery of how we have fun, what fun is, and how we can implement it. We studied laughter in the best of ways, and I’ve never met someone with such a joy and thrill for teaching. With Matt, you leave ten times more prosperous then when you entered the front door. And he’s just great at giving you nothing less than a roaring good time.Carina Skrande
Matt Chapman’s energy is contagious in the best way.  I left each of his classes with a smile on my face, excitement in my muscles, and new thoughts on what play is in all senses of the word.Angela Van Epps
Matt teaches his class with a sharp eye. He dares you to hold your experience, your work, your project in your hand and bravely ask “what is that?”, and follow the answer. I am encouraged by his curiosity. He is willing to lay in the dirt with you, sit in the muck, and discover.Chase McNeill
Matt Chapman happened to be the first guy I met at Dell’Arte, and I instantly knew that I wanted to be where he was. Ever buoyant, charged, aware, compassionate, challenging, available for the unexpected. He makes you think and laugh at the same time. When I teach, I hope to have the same alive presence that he brings to every class. When I engage with people, I hope to bring the same joy and sincere attention that brings to every conversation.Ariel Lauryn